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Terms and Conditions

Definitions. As used in these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the term "Buyer" refers to AJ Associates Manufacturing & Engineering Co., Inc. and the term "Seller" refers to any person, company, or legal entity that provides goods or services pursuant to a Purchase Order issued by Buyer.

Purchase Orders. Each Purchase Order, along with any attached drawings, specifications, or special instructions, will describe the goods to be supplied and/or services to be rendered by the Seller. The description will include, but is not limited to, quantities, rate/price, total compensation, and delivery schedule. These Terms and Conditions of Puchase are a part of and govern each Purchase Order issued to Seller.

Payment Terms. Payment Terms. Unless otherwise specified, terms of payment are net thirty (30) days from receipt of invoice or acceptance of goods by receiving inspection, whichever is latest. All goods rejected by our receiving inspection will be returned to the supplier at supplier's expense and no restocking or any other extra charges/fees will be paid. All invoices should reference the Purchase Order Number and state quantities; description of the materials, components or services furnished; unit prices; and total purchase price. Payment of invoices may be delayed pending the reperformance of work or correction of errors.

Packaging. Seller is responsible for packaging goods in a manner that provides appropriate protection during shipment and recognition upon arrival. No additional charge will be allowed for packaging unless it is specifically agreed to in writing by Buyer. All packages should be labeled with, or otherwise reference the Purchase Order Number, and contain a packing list itemizing the goods therein.

Delivery Schedule. Seller is responsible for delivering per the schedule specified in the Purchase Order. Buyer reserves the right to refuse or return, at Seller's expense, any deliveries not made in accordance with the delivery schedule.


Quantity Variations. Seller is responsible for delivering the quantity called for in the Purchase Order. Buyer reserves the right to refuse or return, at Seller's expense, any excess quantities delivered.

No Extra Charges. The total compensation payable to the Seller is stated on the Purchase Order. The compensation will not be increased to cover any future price increases, packaging charges, service charges, fees, or any other charges of any other nature unless expressly agreed to in writing by Buyer.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Seller's acknowledgement, acceptance of payment or commencement of the Purchase Order constitutes Seller's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Any additional or different terms or conditions that may be proposed by Seller are objected to and have no effect unless expressly agreed to in writing by Buyer.

Additional Requirements. 

Seller's Certificate of Conformance for all work or material supplied must accompany all orders.
Raw material orders must include mill certs and have heat/lot numbers referenced on the Seller's CofC. 

Material from multiple heat lots must be identified and segregated. 

When noted, ST, LT, and Grain direction must be indicated.
Material must be DFARS compliant.
All material must be free of mercury. 

All shelf life items will have at least 85% life remaining. 

Any part known to have been subjected to conditions of extreme stress, heat, or environment must be identified as such.

Any part known to have been obtained from any government or military source must be identified as such.
All drawings/prints supplied with PO shall be destroyed upon completion of order. 
Do not insure unless specifically authorized by AJ Associates. 
Do not duplicate orders. 
Vendor must notify AJ of any non-conforming product. Vendor must obtain approval for non-conforming product disposition. Vendor to notify AJ of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location, and where required, obtain organization approval. Vendor to flow down the supply chain the applicable requirements, including customer requirements. 
Vendor to maintain product certifications and records for a minimum of ten years from date of last sale.

Vendor must allow access to AJ Associates, our customers, and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain. 

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